We uncover hard-to-find information and transform it into strategic insight to drive your business growth.

Objective Customer & Prospect Assessments

Want to find out what they really think? Krill Northgate's proprietary research methodology uses primary source data gathered from multiple levels of key players. Learn more >

Analysis, not assumptions

Krill Northgate's proven research methods challenge underlying business assumptions that could jeopardize both your long-term strategic and day-to-day decisions. Read our Case Studies >

We're part of your team... and your team only.

We guarantee to not work for your competitors for the duration of our relationship, so you're assured your research is yours and only yours. Meet the team >

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Client Testimonials

Krill Northgate was a true turning point for our business. Their team is smart, savvy, and knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly. We have been able to grow faster (and smarter) in the year since we’ve been using their services than we have during our last five years. Thanks, Krill Northgate!

Denise Charles, Sales VP