Krill Northgate is led by professionals with more than three decades of strategy consulting experience.

We specialize in gathering difficult-to-find information and turning it into the strategic insight you need to address your most complex business issues.

Win / Loss Analysis

Improve win rate and profitability by leverage customer and competitor feedback.

Strategic Market Analysis

Reduce uncertainty in developing strategies and tactics with in-depth competitor, customer and market analysis.

Strategic Acquisition Services

Reduce risk through intensive, rigorous acquisition target and market analysis.

Customer Assessments

Find out which customers will keep, drop or buy your products / services over the next 12 months.

We are an independent consulting firm that partners with select clients to increase sales growth and market penetration in competitive , high-stakes markets. Our experienced team knows how to obtain the hard-to-get information you need, and transform it into actionable, strategic insight.


By applying our exclusive, proprietary research methodology to your unique objectives, we can develop timely, recommendations that you and your team  implement to produce effective, actionable results.

Our dedication to flexibility, interaction, and partnership with our clients are central to our success. We support an open door client call policy, weekly updates and reports, and working with you  and your team as closely as you want.

Krill Northgate is your best solution for timely, on-target, actionable market and customer/prospect insight. Let’s talk about the challenges you’re facing. We’ll get back to you quickly, and all inquiries are held in strictest confidence.

“Google is not a synonym for research.”

Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol