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ABOUT KRILL NORTHGATEBringing Insight In Sight

Krill Northgate is an independent consulting firm that’s spent more than a decade partnering with clients to increase market penetration and sales growth in high-stakes, competitive markets.

Our specialty is obtaining hard-to-get information and transforming it into actionable strategic insight. By applying Krill Northgate’s proprietary research methodology to your objectives, we are able to develop timely, implementable recommendations that produce positive results.

Flexibility, interaction, and partnership are central to our approach. We support an open door call policy, weekly updates and reports, and working with you as closely as you want.

We’re especially proud of our ongoing relationships (some clients have been with us more than a decade) and our 97% client retention rate – both of which are exceptional in our industry.

Expert Research & Analysis

However you’re looking to grow, Krill Northgate can help you get there. Our team excels in providing insightful analysis that supports your efforts to:

• Enter new markets or exit current markets
• Create and introduce new products
• Improve your lead strategy and execution
• Increase sales and market penetration
• Acquire the right company


Krill Northgate is your solution for timely, on-target, actionable market and customer/prospect insight.