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Case Study

Improving Your Ranking

Client Problem:

One of the client’s greatest challenges was in the field of Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO). Despite strong customer loyalty and an excellent market reputation, they couldn’t budge their competitive ranking. The client was certain the problems were solely inherent in the sales team, and wanted to know how to correct them.

KN Solution:

Krill Northgate conducted both a Competitive Analysis and a Customer Vulnerability study to ensure that our client’s perception of their customers and the marketplace was accurate and executed against properly.

We found three key opportunities that were underleveraged, and Krill Northgate presented actionable corrective suggestions.

• First, the product was reconfigured to match the customer’s need for modular purchases, making the product compelling to a wider range of prospects.

• Second, Krill Northgate found a leading competitor was undergoing a reorganization, taking management focus away from the market, allowing our client to take advantage of the competition’s softening market focus.

• Third, a different, significant competitor also had an overly rigid pricing structure, which was contrary to many customers’ needs.


Thanks to Krill Northgate’s research, the client discovered their original hypothesis was flawed: it wasn’t the sales team. Acting on our product configuration and market positioning recommendations, the client significantly improved their market presence. Quickly, they improved both visibility and their competitive advantage. A short time later they were successfully acquired.

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