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Sales post-mortems are pretty standard techniques. In fact, they have become too standard. Internal analysis only scratches the surface of understanding the real reasons why deals are won or lost. Or worse, the information gathered is never used to create and implement strategic, profitable changes in the sales process.

Krill Northgate uses an in-depth process – and rigorous analysis – to get to the core issues. We go straight to your customers and prospects to investigate how they feel about your performance versus your competitors’ at key points in the sales cycle. Using a format uniquely tailored to your deal, we interview high-level managers and decision makers to develop insight into why the deal was won or lost.

And we’ll analyze these results and make strategic recommendations, helping you rank issues by priority and timeliness, whether it’s in the sales process or in other parts of your organization like product development or marketing.

Win/Loss analyses can address any of the following:

• Sales Process Development
• Product Development
• Market Messaging
• Implementation Satisfaction
• Competitive Analysis
• Image and Brand Analysis
• And more

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