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CUSTOMER & MARKET ASSESSMENTSEver wish you could read the minds of your customers and prospects?  

Krill Northgate’s experts can find out what they really think.


Don’t rely on third party opinions or industry hearsay. You can find out what they really think. Let Krill Northgate conduct anonymous research on your behalf.

Our most popular services include:

Lead/Prospect Qualification 

Krill Northgate knows prospect qualification is an opportunity to arm your sales team with unbeatable prospect knowledge and strategy. Our team will hone your targeting strategy with our proven prospect qualification services, improving your ROI and increasing sales at higher profit margins. Just some of the things we can uncover about your key prospects are: 

• Current competitive product usage
• Perceptions of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
• Budgetary concerns
• Purchasing timelines
• Present and future product needs
• “Pain points” that drive a potential purchase
• Technology compatibility
• Compliance issues (legal, regulatory)

Win/Loss Analysis

Many companies do win/loss in house, but often, lost customers and prospects won’t tell you the whole truth about how they feel. As an external, unbiased source, our team can uncover the unvarnished reasons as to why deals are won or lost – straight from the source. Krill Northgate uncovers how they feel about your performance versus your competitors at key points in the sales cycle. The results of our investigation are used to create and implement strategic, profitable changes in your sales process.

Customer Vulnerability & Retention

Satisfied customers do leave. Your customers are happy with your products and services, but research shows even the most satisfied customers are vulnerable to a competitor’s pitch, new offers, upgrades, or just big promises. Krill Northgate will help you fortify loyalty by getting the inside scoop on which competitors are talking to your clients, what they’re pitching, and where the pressure points lie.

Additional Services

Krill Northgate has additional services available upon request. Let us know how we can help you.

Flexibility. Interaction.

Our specialty is obtaining hard-to-get information and transforming it into actionable strategic insight. By applying Krill Northgate’s proprietary research methodology to your objectives, we are able to develop timely, implementable recommendations that produce positive results.
We support an open door call policy, weekly updates and reports, and working with you as closely as you want.