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With more than 20 years experience in marketing management and strategy development, Bridget Boix has partnered successfully with a variety of Fortune 1000 clients, such as outsourcing services, digital media, telecom, travel, “big” data, financial services, and advertising.

A noted trailblazer, Bridget founded the Competitive Intelligence function at AT&T Universal Card and the Strategic Business Intelligence function for Ideon Group. She built teams and led processes to systematically analyze markets, competitors, customers, and suppliers to support business unit and C-level decision making.

Her expertise serving executive decision makers, in both in-house corporate and consulting contexts, gives her a unique perspective on addressing strategic growth issues faced by business leaders.

Currently, Bridget leads Krill Northgate’s analytical team and manages the analytics process and client management team. Krill Northgate works with clients across the United States and around the world.


Our Advisory Board consists of distinguished professionals with proven corporate experience, support, and perspective on current industry directions and market trends.

Mike Durden

Mike Durden is a Senior Vice President, Group Strategy and Development at Experian Marketing Solutions Group, a global company and market leader in information services. Mike is a consumer marketing and digital media expert. He has worked in consumer marketing from the vantage point of multiple functional roles including finance, corporate development, product development and executive management. His experience brings well-honed insightful strategic vision, coupled with an overlay of financial rigor and operating efficiency.
Richard Schoppert

Richard Schoppert has been successfully consulting with clients regarding transportation logistics in a wide variety of industries for the past four decades. As the founder and CEO of R.C. Schoppert and Associates, he has led utilities, steel mills, mining companies, manufacturers, railroads and trucking organizations in the evaluation and purchase of technologies supporting transportation logistics such as Automatic Equipment Identification and Scales (Batch, Truck and Rail).
Neil A. McGuinness

Neil McGuiness is a renaissance man, with a varied and impressive career including Marine Corp officer, author, River Boat captain, and accomplished businessman. He has held senior roles including assistant to the Chairman and CEO of IBM, President of Fidelity Investments Employer Services Company, and Corporate Senior Vice President of the Prudential Insurance Company of America (now Prudential Financial). Since 2000, Neil has been Chairman of SEI Private Trust Company (a national thrift) and is a full-time Murphy Business Broker and Merger & Acquisition Specialist.